10 banks in Nigeria Every Finance Graduate Should Consider

Every graduate and undergraduate has that one company that he or she wants to work for; the choices might depend on the course of study, the prestige associated with the company and the salary and benefit packages.

Today, multitudes of graduates apply for jobs in the banking sector regardless of their course of study. This is because getting a job in the banking sector is encompassing. However, it cannot be denied that graduates with finance degrees are given higher preference.

Here is a list of 10 Nigerian banks every finance graduate wants to work for

  1. Access Bank

Access bank is one of the leading banks in Nigeria, it was established in 1989. It has 309 branches; it has customer deposits running into 33 trillion and assets at 8 trillion, Profit before tax of 59 billion and Gross earnings of 207 billion. Access bank has an attractive salary package for its entry level staff; 250,000 naira with a 3 million naira car loan.


  1. Zenith Bank

Zenith bank is the second largest bank in Nigeria; it was established in the year 1990 but gained recognition officially in 2004. It has customer deposits of 27 trillion, totals assets of 14 trillion, shareholders fund of 3 billion, gross earnings of 4 billion and Profit before tax of 59 billion.

Zenith pays its entry level staff 110,000 naira monthly.


  1. Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB)

Asides the fact that this bank is customer friendly and is most popular with the youths; it is the third richest bank in Nigeria. The major factor that endears this bank to its customers is the fairness and reliability factor, also the fact that the move along with technology and are innovative. GTB has assets worth2.102 trillion, Customer deposit of 44 billion, profit before tax of 9 billion and gross earnings of 242 billion.

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It pays its entry level staff 209,000 naira monthly.


  1. Diamond Bank

Diamond bank is also a bank that is commonly used by youths and business people. Diamond bank has total assets worrth1.519 trillion, customer deposits of 206 billion, gross earnings of 181 billion and shareholders’ funds of 85 billion.


  1. Union Bank

Union banks which is recently restructuring and rebranding its operations and buildings is the 5th on the list. It is one of the oldest banks in Nigeria today; it also has operations in countries like Johannesburg and Benin Republic and several branches nationwide. Union bank has total assets of 6.130 billion dollars.


  1. Skye bank

Skye bank is also on the list of Nigeria’s richest banks. They are a media centered bank using internet blogs, TV and promotions to run their campaigns. The bank has total assets of 1.146 trillion naira, gross earnings of 177 billion naira, and profit before tax of 53 billion naira and customer deposits of 118 trillion.


  1. Fidelity bank

It started out as a mortgage bank in 1988 before converting to a commercial bank in 1990. It has total assets of 0.8 billion, customer deposits of 806 billion, profit before tax of 8 billion and gross earnings of 127 billion.

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Fidelity pays entry level staff 140,000 per month.


  1. First Bank

This is one of the first banks to come to Nigeria it was founded in 1894 before other banks came into existence. It has branches in other countries like France, South Africa, China and United Kingdom. The bank has customer deposits of 2.57 trillion, Total assets worth 25 trillion, gross earnings of 44 billion and shareholders’ funds of 71 billion.

First bank pays it entry level staff between 90,000 and 110,000 monthly.


  1. Ecobank

Ecobank was established in 1986, it is one of Nigeria’s fastest rising banks. It is also called the Pan African bank. It is worth 1.32 trillion naira.


  1. UBA (United Bank of Africa)

The bank was established in 1949. It offers universal banking services to more than 7 million customers across 626 branches. UBA claims to be rapidly evolving into a pan-African full service financial institution. UBA Group’s total assets are approximately US$12.3 billion with shareholders’ equity of about US$1.07 billion.

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