10 Office Tools You Should Learn How To Use

Every office has different equipment and appliances that they use in the day to day running of the company. As an employee of that company chances are you get to use these tools every day.

As a new employee it is very unlikely that you would be trained on how to use these tools, and since you’re the new guy chances are you get sent to use them on behalf of other people. So it is of an advantage to you if you know how to use these tools beforehand.

Here is a list of tools that every worker potential or not should know how to use

  1. Printer

This is one of the staple equipments every office has. A printer is a machine that is usually linked to a computer and is used to print out text or images unto paper. Most offices do not have a person specially employed to print out documents whenever the need arises, more often than not you have to print out one document or the other as part of your work process. Learning how to use this equipment properly saves you the time you would have used to ask a fellow colleague to help you.


  1. Photocopier

This is somewhat similar to the printer just that it doesn’t have to be connected to a computer. It is a copy of an already written or printed document; it produces this through a process involving an action of light on a specially prepared surface. This machine is also a staple in every organization. It is not that hard to work; it is to your benefit to learn how to use it as it also helps you save time.


  1. Computer

Computers range from PCs to Desktops, almost every organization uses both or one of these. A computer is the crux of your work; it is the most important equipment any employee uses. In organizations every employee is presented with a computer on the first day of work. Being computer literate is advantageous to you as an employee. It serves as your workstation, your non-verbal means of communication and your work memory.

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  1. Telephones

All offices use telephones as a means of communication; telephone in the sense of intercom systems. These are very different from mobile phones in general; they are more like the landline phones. They serve as a means of verbal communication within the office. As an employee there is no way you can avoid using it.


  1. Scanner

Scanners are also staple equipments every organization uses. It scans documents and turns them to digital data. This is one of the efficient ways of sending information in the office especially in large organizations. It saves you the time you use in walking over to a colleague’s desk to drop a document when you could just send it as an email. It also cuts cost of transporting to another office to deliver a document (you only do that when it is absolutely necessary).


  1. Projector

A projector uses rays of light to project presentations unto a screen. In an organization presentations are given all the time. It is to your advantage to know how to use one, even if you are not the one giving the presentation you can be asked to set up the projector and since you have knowledge of it you can do it without any stress.


  1. Microsoft Outlook

This is not a hardware equipment, it is a software from the Microsoft Office package; it is used for sending emails within and outside the office. It is now a trend for companies to have custom email addresses which is usually associated with Outlook. As a new employee you are assigned an email address which you use to send emails within the office and to clients outside the office. Chances are nobody trains you on how to use it because they expect you to know how to already.

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  1. Microsoft PowerPoint

This is also software from the Microsoft Office Package; it is used to create presentations. Presentations are key instruments in office settings; it is used for basically everything ranging from showing your work to your supervisor to making pitches to potential clients

It is an essential tool.


  1. Microsoft Word

This is also software from the Microsoft Office Package; it is used to create text documents. The knowledge of it is essential to you as an employee as it is one of the basic presentation tools you need.


  1. Microsoft Excel

This is also software from the Microsoft Office Package; it is used in creating tables, spreadsheets and workbooks that carry vital information from client data to finance records.

It also helps create graphs from provided data. It can be used as an analytical tool.

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