5 Qualities of A Great Human Resources Manager

Human resources are one of the greatest assets every organization possesses. It comprises mostly of the employees of the company, the people that make the company run efficiently. Human resources are very important to the running of a company hence the need for its own department which is usually headed by a Human resource manager.

The job of a human resource manager is not an easy one as it entails managing the employees alongside dealing with business related issues. As a human resource manager you should possess some unique qualities that can enhance your productivity in that position.

Here is a list of 5 qualities every human resource manager should possess to adequately carry out Human resource Jobs in Nigeria.

  1. Leadership/People skills

One of the basic functions of a human resource manager is to lead the employees and ensure that the work as efficiently as possible, it is also the duty of the HR manager to relate with the employees on behalf of the heads of the organization.

Your ability to effectively lead people makes you a great HR manager. In any organization conflict is inevitable; when such arises it is the job of the HR manager to clear it up. It is also necessary that you treat everyone differently as not everyone has the same temperament or disposition.

You should be approachable; you should also be a mentor and advisor to those who work under you.

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  1. Impartial and objective

As a HR manager it is up to you to make decisions about the welfare of the employees of the organization, decisions like who to hire, who to fire, who to promote and who not to promote are some of the things you would be dealing with. A great human resource manager makes these decisions based on facts presented before him/her. It is imperative that you set aside your sentiments when making these decisions as who you choose to hire or fire can make enhance or reduce the productivity of the organization.

You should also possess problem solving skills, as chances are these skills would be put to test especially when negative situations come up and you have to produce positive results. You should also be able to perform well under pressure, making decisions based on facts not emotions.


  1. Motivator

It is no news that a well motivated employee always produces the best results. It is job of the HR manager to find out what motivates each employee and make sure they get it to ensure the best results. This might be a little tricky as every employee has different things that motivate them; at the interview stage every candidate is asked what motivates them, it serves as a guide to the HR department/manager.

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  1. Communicator

The HR manager serves as a sort of liaise between the employees and top management. Being a good communicator requires good listening abilities. Employees come to HR managers all the time with issues and complaints that they either want taken care of or taken to the management, listening to the employees with full attention, taking notes, reassuring them, letting them down easy if the need arises are qualities all successful HR managers possess.


  1. Proactive

Every organization has employee issues at one time or the other; being proactive means taking care of possible problems before they arise. A successful HR manager makes sure that everything regarding employees in the organization is well taken care of. Foreseeing possible problems and creating possible solutions and plans to take care of them is an attribute every great HR manager possesses.

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