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About Jobismo

Jobismo is a website aimed at providing relevant employment, career, and educational advancement opportunities to individuals in Nigeria who need them.

Beyond curating and listing available job vacancies, Jobismo ensures that job seekers can find jobs based on certain requirements such as academic qualifications, number of years of job experience, job industry, salary range and also internship opportunities.

Jobismo aims to be the one stop website for person who desire the enhanced quality of life that comes with steady, gainful employment and a consistent eye toward upward mobility.

Apart from offering a listing of job openings, we also provide relevant information about scholarships and other educational opportunities as well as events and initiatives that can help people improve their lives and skills.

Jobismo is positively impacting lives by curating Job openings and employment opportunities & also delivering these straight to the inboxes of users daily. We are genuinely interested in squashing unemployment and getting Nigerians value adding Jobs.

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18 Ago Palace Way, Oshodi-Isolo, Lagos, Nigeria


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