How To Be a Better Employee To Your Nigerian Employer

The year is almost half way so is the company calendar, it is almost that time of the year when all employees get appraisals of their performances over the year, some might receive glowing appraisals while others might get not so glowing appraisals from their bosses.

However, it is not for you to get discouraged it is a time for you to sit up and work harder at being a better employee.

Here are some tips for being a better employee to your boss

  1. Stop procrastinating

Procrastinating means pushing what you can do now to a later date. For an employee this is a bad habit; as an employee you have deadlines and targets to meet up with, you cannot afford to leave your work lying around when you are being paid to do it. You become a better employee when you start doing things when you are supposed to; Nigerian employers are particular about the value their employees add to the company, it is very easy to get cut when you are perceived as a lazy employee.


  1. Take on more work

Doing only what is stated in your job description doesn’t cut it any longer. Push yourself out of the job description box and take on new roles. Taking on new roles doesn’t necessarily mean that you should say yes to everything. Take on things that you believe that you can handle, even if you cannot handle it ask questions about the task before taking it on as you would not want to fail at the task.

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  1. Be proactive

Try to be the one that thinks about challenges that can occur during a task and figure out possible ways to solve those problems. Doing this shows your employer that you have the ability to analyze problems and come up with solutions, this is one of the traits Nigerian employers admire in employees; this makes you an asset.


  1. Know your boss’ goals

As an employee, you work under a boss or supervisor and that is the person you answer to, whether you like it or not your boss has goals and it is your duty as an employee to make sure that your goals aligns with that of your boss. This way as you meet your target you also help him meet his.


  1. Do not try to be perfect

Everybody has flaws and everyone tries to work around those flaws. There is every chance that your boss can see through your perfect act, besides nobody likes a know it all. Asking questions about your assignments when you are unclear shows that you are willing to learn and willing to go out of your way to make sure a task is completed. Also being open about what you want helps a lot. Always being confident is a sure way of winning your boss’ heart.

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  1. Meet or beat your deadlines

Every boss loves a hardworker, meeting your deadline or even finshing a task before the due date places you in the good books of your boss. Not only does it put you in his good books it also saves you the stress of hurrying to submit something at the last minute.



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