How You Can Tackle Unemployment In Nigeria

Are you unemployed finding it extremely difficult to find a job in Nigeria? Maybe you have recently lost a job and are preparing to apply and find another one. Whatever the cause or reason, you will want to understand one thing, Nigeria is a vibrant market. The chances of landing a good job are plenty.

There are several sectors which are yet to be touched in this country and hence poverty is still very much in abundance.

In this article we will find out how you can tackle unemployment in Nigeria.


Below are some pointers which can benefit your job search.


Have a plan and goal

Though you might have studied in a prestigious college or school, you need to understand what your goal is. That is only possible when you have a plan and work towards it. In life, without planning you cannot reach anywhere. This is why you will want to decide way ahead what you want to do with life.

Do you want to become a teacher, businessman, lawyer, or something else? The opportunities are vast in Nigeria it is only that you have to go searching for it.

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Get access to information using online sites

You need to have access to information which can help you come up with plans and achieve your goals. There are many online sources which can help you. There are job sites that contain lot of useful advice on attending an interview, how to dress up for an interview, how to apply for a job position, how to form a network and meet up with people who can help you.

In today’s competitive world, it is all about having contacts with the right people who can propel you up the ladder. Good contacts are extremely vital for advancements in career. There are many social media sites like LinkedIn and others where you can form contacts and learn from them. Have mentors who can guide you and teach you in the way you should go about things.

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Have a positive mental attitude

Having a positive attitude in life is very important. Look at yourself and imagine being a good employee or sitting a CEO chair once you reach 40 or 50 years of age. It is vital you have a positive image of yourself. You need to always be cheerful and happy among the circumstances which you are in.


Remember, it is not the end of the life. There is more to than your current situation.

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