Dressing for that Job Interview Dos and Donts

Job interviews are the core of recruitment processes; your performance at this stage determines of you get the job or not. Due to this fact you want to strive to do everything you can to pass this stage from answering the questions right, being confident, having the work experience and the required skills to get the job. All these things are important however, the way you dress goes a long way in representing you even before you speak.

There’s a popular saying “Dress the way you want to be addressed”. The way you dress to a job interview is a determining factor in getting the job. Your outfit can tell the interviews that you are a professional and that you are confident, it could also tell them that you are not someone to be taken seriously.

Here is a list of do’s and don’ts of interview dressing.


  1. Plan your outfit: It is advisable to prepare your outfit at least 24 hours before the interview. Make sure your outfit is presentable, no stains and well pressed.
  2. Professional dress: At every interview, it is always preferable to come in a professional outfit for men a clean piece of suit and corporate shoes while for women a nice skirt suit or a formal gown with a blazer and very comfortable shoes (flat heeled or medium).
  3. Try to keep your outfit simple: The key to looking as professional as possible is to keep it simple. Avoid extremely loud colors go for mild colors; blues and whites, grey and browns work just fine. Also try to avoid loud patterns and stripes, go for thin stripes and small checks not overtly loud patterns.
  4. Dress for comfort: As much as we want to look impressive for the interview panel, it is expedient that you dress for comfort, wear a suit or dress you feel comfortable in, this can help you boost your self-esteem. Women should try to wear low heeled shoes as there might be a lot of walking that day.
  5. Fresh breath: A fresh breath is part of your outfit. Nobody wants bad breath in their faces, chances are you would be interviewed in a close room.
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  1. Loud colors: try as much as possible to avoid colors that draw attention. I was attended an interview where a girl was asked to go back because she wore red shoes. Try softer colors more in the lines of nude, black and greys.
  2. Wrinkled clothes: It is important for you to dress to impress, appearing before an interview panel in a wrinkled dress or suit or shirt doesn’t speak well of you.
  3. Heavy makeup: Put as little makeup as you can, avoid heavy makeup and jewelry; it is an interview not a birthday party. If you wear heavy cologne try to tone it down just for that day.
  4. Never let your clothes be a distraction: You are trying to let your accomplishments do the work for you not your clothes. Avoid low cut blouses and camisoles.

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