Vacancy for Head of Sales at IL Bagno Nigeria

IL Bagno is the regional distributor for the world’s leading manufacturers of sanitary ware and bathroom fittings and accessories. We excel in the provision of total interior solutions, creating unique and innovative bathroom themes for both the domestic and commercial markets. We seek to employ … [Read more...]

5 top human rights organizations in the world

Human right is something every individual is entitled to by virtue of being human. The basic principle behind human rights is respect for the individual. It is assumed that each person is a moral and rational being who deserves to be treated with dignity. Human rights are universal; it goes … [Read more...]

How learning a foreign language can get you an international job in Nigeria

The craze for international jobs in Nigeria is a bit on the high side. 4 out of 5 Nigerian graduates want to work in multinational corporations. Either oil and gas companies, telecommunications companies, I.T companies, advertising companies… either way they are large number of graduates and … [Read more...]

Dressing for that Job Interview Dos and Donts

Job interviews are the core of recruitment processes; your performance at this stage determines of you get the job or not. Due to this fact you want to strive to do everything you can to pass this stage from answering the questions right, being confident, having the work experience and the required … [Read more...]

How To Be a Better Employee To Your Nigerian Employer

The year is almost half way so is the company calendar, it is almost that time of the year when all employees get appraisals of their performances over the year, some might receive glowing appraisals while others might get not so glowing appraisals from their bosses. However, it is not for you to … [Read more...]

10 banks in Nigeria Every Finance Graduate Should Consider

Every graduate and undergraduate has that one company that he or she wants to work for; the choices might depend on the course of study, the prestige associated with the company and the salary and benefit packages. Today, multitudes of graduates apply for jobs in the banking sector regardless of … [Read more...]

10 Office Tools You Should Learn How To Use

Every office has different equipment and appliances that they use in the day to day running of the company. As an employee of that company chances are you get to use these tools every day. As a new employee it is very unlikely that you would be trained on how to use these tools, and since you’re … [Read more...]

5 Qualities of A Great Human Resources Manager

Human resources are one of the greatest assets every organization possesses. It comprises mostly of the employees of the company, the people that make the company run efficiently. Human resources are very important to the running of a company hence the need for its own department which is usually … [Read more...]

Skills Which Can Make You Employed In Nigeria

The current market situation in Nigeria   The current market situation in Nigeria is grim. We cannot blame the government for everything. In all circumstances we have to learn to cope and survive. In this article, we will see few skills that can make you still employed in this country. In … [Read more...]

Best Resume Tips for Jobs in Nigeria

Looking for Job openings in Nigeria? You need to stand out - and your resume needs to be on point. We're sharing our favorite tips on how to write the best resume here. “First impressions are the most lasting.” And, your resume is the first meeting between you and the prospective employers for … [Read more...]

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