How to Be Self Sustainable and Start a Business in Nigeria

Nigeria is a country which has seen the highest on both sides. You have some of the richest men in Africa. At the same time, you can also find some of the poorest people in the country. This is what makes the country unique. These organizations see employment of thousands of Nigerians who contribute … [Read more...]

7 Guaranteed Ways to Get a High Income Job

There are many jobs in Nigeria offering a great income. To take advantage of these employment opportunities, you need to impress. Here are seven guaranteed ways to get a high income job from the employment opportunities in Nigeria. Improve Your Resume and Cover Letter These are essential if … [Read more...]

Big Mistakes to Avoid When Applying For a Job in Nigeria

Have you recently applied for several Nigerian Jobs online without success? then you surely must be doing something wrong in that. Many candidates tend to make mistakes when applying for jobs which can cause negative responses. In this article, we will read about some pointers, which you will want … [Read more...]

3 Tech Related Jobs Effectively killing Unemployment in Nigeria

Nigeria contains a large amount people, our country is highly populated. Where most of them are suffering from unemployment many of them are making a way to international market via tech field. These are the Nigerians who spent their valuable time learning skills or who tried to be different from … [Read more...]

How A Fresh Graduate Can Get A Job In Nigeria

As a Nigerian student, you often wonder how you can get a job when you finish your course or studies. Nigeria is a country with 140 million and there are many youngsters who are employable. Sadly, they do not know where to find work. That is why you will want to read this article, where we will … [Read more...]

5 Tips for Successful career planning in Nigeria

Before creating a career pattern, people tend to think of their roles within the family, friends, and others. But they rather need to be more realistic thinking about the factors and variables involved in building a successful career. Here are 5 of the most important tips to consider when choosing a … [Read more...]

3 Basic Skills to Make Nigerian Youths employable

Employment in Nigeria is one of the most discussed issues nationally. Being a good student in the classroom cannot guarantee employment; there are enormous individuals within Nigeria roaming jobless even after completing his/her education with good grades. Nigerian youths need to have extra skills … [Read more...]

Rising Unemployment: devastating results in Nigeria

With the consistency in the stagnantly changing economy, most of the countries including Nigeria are suffering from huge unemployment. The latest Nigerian stats are putting forward some really bad results, like the high unemployment ratio and even high rejection rate. Obviously, this doesn’t include … [Read more...]

3 Reasons behind the High Rate of Unemployment in Nigeria

Unemployment is the state of getting no pay for a job or sometimes not having a job. The word Unemployment is nothing new to the world. Many Asian countries including Africa and India are facing the problem of unemployment. However, West Africa is facing much more impacted with this, more … [Read more...]

30 Federal Agencies You can Get A Good Job at In Nigeria

Many people think working for the government means working at an office with little or nothing to do. Although some federal jobs in Nigeria might be full of idle hours, there are still many more agencies and parastatals that actually make a difference to the Nigerian economy. Working for the … [Read more...]

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