3 Reasons behind the High Rate of Unemployment in Nigeria

Unemployment is the state of getting no pay for a job or sometimes not having a job. The word Unemployment is nothing new to the world. Many Asian countries including Africa and India are facing the problem of unemployment. However, West Africa is facing much more impacted with this, more … [Read more...]

30 Federal Agencies You can Get A Good Job at In Nigeria

Many people think working for the government means working at an office with little or nothing to do. Although some federal jobs in Nigeria might be full of idle hours, there are still many more agencies and parastatals that actually make a difference to the Nigerian economy. Working for the … [Read more...]

5 Essesntial Components of A Great CV that Attracts Employers

It doesn't matter if you are a recent graduate or an experienced worker who has amassed numerous years of work experience, your CV must contain these 5 vital components. These components ensure that you present a well organized and packaged CV that employers find attractive. Possessing this … [Read more...]

What to do After A Great Job Interview with a Nigerian Company

According to popular belief, after the job interview the recruitment process is ended and all you have to do now is to sit and wait and pray that you get the Nigerian jobs. Not that these are not good things to do, but taking the extra step and going the extra mile even after the job interview goes … [Read more...]

Setting Yourself Apart In a Tough Job Market

The scenery in the jobs in nigeria market is frustratingly unpleasant. There has never been a time in our history that graduates fresh from reputable institutions within the country and outside our nations shores are grappling with the absence of jobs. Statistics recently released by Nigeria’s … [Read more...]

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