How learning a foreign language can get you an international job in Nigeria

The craze for international jobs in Nigeria is a bit on the high side. 4 out of 5 Nigerian graduates want to work in multinational corporations. Either oil and gas companies, telecommunications companies, I.T companies, advertising companies… either way they are large number of graduates and undergraduates that desire to work for these companies.

Each year thousands of applications are sent out to these companies and only few of these applications are even considered.

Different people have come up with different ideas and ways to get into these companies; the perfect CV, lots of job experiences, the perfect grade e.t.c. All these can work but there is one thing that is sure to get you an interview with that multinational company you want to work for; speaking a foreign Language.

Many Nigerians especially youths do not see the need to learn a foreign language as urgent. For an average Nigerian youth, speaking fluent English and their mother tongue is just enough; most cannot even speak their mother tongue.

I remember in secondary school when French was compulsory, nobody took French classes seriously. It was a time to play or gist or sleep. Now however French has become one of the leading languages in the business world.

The ability to speak a foreign language has now become a necessity when applying for an international job in Nigeria. Here’s how speaking a foreign language can help you get that international job in Nigeria.

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Your ability to speak a foreign language distinguishes your application from the thousands of applications sent into these companies every year. More often than not more consideration is given to applications with a foreign language in it. This is because most multinational corporations conduct business transactions with foreign countries, so a candidate that has the ability to speak a foreign language is of more value to them.

Speaking a foreign language opens you up to more job opportunities than the average Nigerian. More often than not when checking the requirements for a particular job, you find that there is a list of requirements; the fact that you can speak a foreign language gives you the opportunity to apply for jobs that require a foreign language and jobs that don’t. Even when you apply for jobs that don’t require a foreign language you have an added advantage.

Being bilingual also boosts your confidence during an interview. Imagine walking into an interview room knowing that you have the one thing that some of the others do not have, you automatically feel confident. Combine this with your intelligence and overall charm and you know that you have got the job.

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Being bilingual also makes you an asset to whatever company that you have chosen to work for. Being bilingual means that you can carry out business transactions on behalf of the company in a foreign country, it also means that you can serve as an interpreter to the company at any given point in time. This gives you some form of job security as you find that you are being giving more responsibility because of your versatile language palette.

You might be worried about which languages to learn because there are so many foreign languages. Most companies now look for candidates that can speak Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Japanese and because of the booming economy of China; Mandarin.

Good luck learning!

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