Setting Yourself Apart In a Tough Job Market

The scenery in the jobs in nigeria market is frustratingly unpleasant. There has never been a time in our history that graduates fresh from reputable institutions within the country and outside our nations shores are grappling with the absence of jobs. Statistics recently released by Nigeria’s National Statistical Agency has done nothing to raise our hope, as the prospect of getting employed is becoming slimmer than the edge of a razor blade. According to the Agency, the unemployment and underemployment reality stands as:

Number of economically active or working age population – 105.02 million (From 104.3 million)

The labour force population (those willing and able to work) – 76.96 million (From 75.9 million)

Persons in the economically active population that entered the labour force – 1.02 million

Number of people in full time employment decreased by – 710, 693

Unemployment rate rose to 10.4% from 9.9%

There seem to be less hope for anyone who is trying so hard to secure a job. Private companies are resorting to “employing” interns and offering peanuts even as salary and state owned organization are struggling to clear backlog of salaries they owe their workers. Is there still hope in the job market and if yes, how can we effectively bring this hope to light?

We will be sharing with you five (5) ways you can stand out in the job market, secure a job and grow through tough hurdles to the top hierarchy of management. Let us consider them:

  1. Distinguish yourself: In a world crowded with people who are not driven to work on themselves, the only way to make an organization consider you for a job opening is to set yourself apart from the crowd. Being distinguished from others is beyond securing good grades in school. It is in understanding the current trends in your field, mastering the requisite skills that would aid effective and creative work and acquainting yourself with the language peculiar to your field.
  2. Explore the professional realities in your field: It is easy to believe that one is the King of game when measuring ones growth with the little past victories. The world is large with diverse creative people and institutions but technology has made it possible to interact with people hundreds of miles away in real time. This then opens up the opportunity to get information on the ongoing research and development in your field which would aid your work and move your potential organization forward. Why not get to ask questions and engage real professionals using platforms such as LinkedIn? This will open up your mind and broaden your horizon, giving you a unique advantage in the organization you seek to work at.
  3. Study thoroughly the organization you want to work at: One out of the few things that fascinate employers before they even consider anyone for the job is the confidence they have when they know you have adequate knowledge about their organization. It is best to set out on your job hunt by studying the reports, interests, progress, setbacks and goals of the organization, paying attention to minute details will give you an edge among hundreds of job seekers. Explore all the information you can about your potential organization, document your findings and make good use of them when you are faced with the interview. This is how to be fit for the game.
  4. Take up additional courses to update your knowledge base: Life is advancing, researchers are keeping late nights to develop new models and companies are determined to edge each other to gain customers confidence. You will do well to sign up for courses that would update and build on your knowledge base. There are free courses available online, moderated by reputable institutions on com, all you need to do is to signup, have regular access to internet and take your free courses. This will help build up your communication skills and knowledge base in your field.
  5. Be clear about your aim and purpose when being interviewed: Why are you applying for the position? What difference will you make if employed that the next person cannot offer and even do better? What is your aim for seeking a job in the organization? These are important questions you should answer and be able to communicate with confidence before you can be employed in any reputable organization. Why not seek the current challenges the organization is facing, build your knowledge base and develop the requisite skills to match and communicate the same to your interviewers? Go get your job now.

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